About Us

Six Foot was founded in 2000 as a creative studio by a small band of dreamers with a shared love of storytelling, art, design, and technology. Since then, we have sought to create meaningful experiences for consumers, businesses, and brands, across all media.

We are an entertainment production company focused on the creation of video games, films, and books and we provide entertainment media services for other companies.

Headquartered in Houston, we also have locations in Los Angeles and Berlin.

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Los Angeles

Marina Del Rey, California


Houston, Texas
Tel: 713.714.7236


Berlin, Germany

Email Us

For new business and general inquiries email us at info@6ft.com.


We don’t have any current openings, but until we do we are always happy to connect with talented people. Check back here for future job openings.

Email us at careers@6ft.com.

NB: We will only reach out to candidates with a request for a video call. If you receive any unsolicited email requests for personal information claiming to represent Six Foot, please ignore as these are not genuine. 


ALS Association

The Creative Process is the process of expressing ideas buried deep inside each of us in order to connect and communicate in more meaningful ways. Imagine if that was taken from you. 

ALS is a motor neuron disease affecting otherwise healthy adults. Over time the disease degenerates the connection between mind and body eventually leading to death. 

We are proud to have worked with the people at the ALS Association who are daily championing the battle against against ALS. They are bearing the torch on a path towards a cure while also helping those affected live life to the fullest. 

As supporters, we encourage  you to find out more about the ALS Association and the work they do, and help out in any way you can.

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