02/13/2017Timo Cerny

Ein neues Heim für Six Foot (A New Home for Six Foot)

Berlin, Europe’s creative heart, offers a quality of life—and a level of life experience—that is unmatched on the continent. Historically, it has always been a hub for the creative; artists, musicians and entrepreneurs have chosen to make this city their home throughout its history and have filled it with an energy that can really be felt in every street. Not only does the city offer a vibrant nightlife and feature a richness of history, architecture, and culture, it also features the lowest cost of living in a European city of its size. Families are at home in the different neighbourhoods of Berlin as much as students and young professionals. Well located in Europe and equipped with two airports and an excellent public transportation system, Berlin serves as a launch point for trips all over the continent while any destination within the city is just a short transit ride away.

Why am I telling you all of this? It is because of this metropolitan atmosphere of creativity that prompted Six Foot to pick Berlin as the home for its European branch — which we call Six Foot Europe. 

Located in the historical Schuckert Höfe, a property that was part of the 1869 Industrial Exhibition, the newly renovated 380m² office combines a rich history with a modern work environment. Across the street, we have the large Treptower Park and the river Spree, where you can often find our team spending its lunch break out in the green. After work we will often visit the Berlin districts, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, which are in close distance to our office and tempt us with their rich restaurant and bar scene. 

Six Foot was established in 2000, and while the home office in Houston, TX has grown remarkably, the Berlin office was only just established in the summer of 2016. Much like our colleagues in Los Angeles, while we are smaller than the Houston office, we offer a very similar work environment and culture, combining the best of two worlds: the resources of an established company with the flexible and creative work environment of a start-up. It is an environment that is highly valued by our international team working at Six Foot Europe. The great variety of different departments that have been located in Berlin creates a hub of interdisciplinary knowledge that serves as a breeding ground for fresh and exciting ideas. Through close collaboration with our colleagues in Houston and Los Angeles, we highly value the different views that come with different cultural backgrounds, the new insights they offer and avenues they open. Combining our different personal experiences with our professional expertise makes us a strong team that happily takes on new challenges as they arise.

At Six Foot Europe, we strive toward building extraordinary video games, to provide gaming experiences to all types of players, and to help realize amazing games that might have not come into existence otherwise. To that end, we work in close collaboration with our partnered development studios like Tequila Works in Madrid and Yager in Berlin (we are just a short bike ride away from the developers of Dreadnought!). Working closely and being in personal contact with our game development partners has high priority at Six Foot. 

Keeping hierarchies as flat as possible and emphasizing personal collaboration has created a very positive work environment that is rounded off by the family-minded, life-balanced, and team-focused approach that Six Foot has emphasized since its beginning. We like to think we embody that in Berlin at the Six Foot Europe office.

“Combining our different personal experiences with our professional expertise makes us a strong team”